This Thesis Process Book is a hands-on creative visual communication project. It shows the design journey through important thought-processes, material experimentation, research driven creativity, and conceptual development.

I was asked to come out with a design solution of an existing problem. I was born in Cuba, and I know what are the challenges that people face there. The number one issue in Cuba at this time is its economic crisis. There are people who don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs. I though I could create a design solution to offer assistance to Cuba. So, I came up with the idea of creating a Campaign named “Estrella Brillante” that would allow us from the United States to send resources to Cuba. In this process book you will be able to experience the whole process from beginning to end.

Below is the link to the .pdf of the Thesis Process Book.

Below is a video of a mock up home page that I created to show the functionality and purpose for this Campaign called “Estrella Brillante”.

Baez Visual Communication Thesis