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What are some of the required formats of the solution (print, web, video, product, architecture, object. etc.)?

In this case the required format solution is architecture, since we need to build a $300.00 house. Since this is a class project we will be presenting the solution via prototype (a small scale of the final project) and a visualization board with the steps that we took to solve this problem. This design will be used across the globe anywhere people are in need of a safe place to live while they find a way they can afford a better life’s style.

What are the logistical limitations of this design brief?

The house can be constructed for under $300. The structure should be no smaller than 2.2m X 2.2m. Space to sleep and cook. Access to light. Access to drinking water. Access to electricity Constructed with durable material that will resist the elements for 50+ years. Secure from animals and criminal elements. Resistant to fire, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The house NEED NOT have sanitation. Sanitation in a $300 House village will be housed in a centralized communal facility.

What are the objectives?

The objectives are to design a simple dwelling that can be constructed for under $300; which keeps its occupants safe from the weather, allows them to sleep at night, and gives them both a home and a sense of dignity.

This house has to be secured, and practical. The people who owns it should be able to afford the maintenance and expand it when possible. It need to be sustainable and aspirational.

Since this challenge monetary requirement is $300.00 or less, I believe that this should be the unique selling point. I don’t think we should charge for handwork, since we are doing this for charity.