How did you decide on your top working design solutions?

After completing my research and making the prototypes, I realized that building a bamboo house would be way too complicated to build it. It has a lot of disadvantages too. Bamboo is resistant to porosity. In areas with a high rainfall, there would be a lot of rain water which can make the mambo weathered and decay. It is flammable. Since bamboo is not fireproof, you need to be aware of any fire possibility, moreover when it is a summer or dry season. Bamboo is easily attacked by termites and beetles powder. This is something that can be overcome by cutting the bamboo properly and when it contains a low glucose level. The true is that bamboo is not durable. Similar to wood, bamboo also needs special treatment before being used. The easiest way to make bamboo last longer is by moistening it with gasoline.

In the other hand, Galvanized metal is sought after by builders because of its long-lasting predictability. In rural areas that are not overexposed to chemicals or consistent severe weather, a roof or structure made from steel can last about 50 years or longer. Building with galvanized metal is not only more resistant and secure, but also is more practical and easy to assemble. It will give its owner a better chance to fix it or create more rooms if desired. For all these reasons I choose to build the house of galvanized metal.