In the implement stage of the design process I had to look for possible places where the house could be incorporated. This house will accommodate to city parcels, rural parcels, and multi-units parcels. While I was in Colombia, I found two places that would work perfectly to locate the house or even create a small community of replicas of the house. Also, I went around locally in Naples, Florida where I actually live for other places where the house can be implemented. There were two lots for sale that in contribution with other people’s donations in the community can be bought to give access to housing to the great variety of people that are in need of a place to live.

 House Tear-sheet instructions for assembling.

For the implementation process, I created an instruction’s manual, and an inventory of the house’s parts to make it easier to assemble. At the home page of Safe Haven House you have access to an animated video that I created to explain in detail how to build the house.